“M.E.T” Service Information

All items sold in MET(Maintenance of Electronic Technology) have warranty period. The Warranty period is 60 days.
Buyers must contact us to send the defective items back for exchange within the warranty period.
All items that buyers want to apply for the warranty must have the stickers for warranty seal under the condition of the status as they were shipped at first.
We will provide a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for each item that should be returned.
We do not allow returns without a presented RMA number.
Warranty dose not apply for
① all goods that are physically damaged;
② all damaged goods as a result of misuse;
③ all software and parameters;
④ all items which don’t have the stickers for warranty seal;
⑤ damages of the goods by their usage outside of their intended use;
⑥ damages of the goods caused by improper installation or an installation that is non-compliant with the instructions for use, including installation performed by people without necessary qualifications in this area;
⑦ damages of the goods caused by using improper consumables;
⑧ dagames of the goods caused by external factors : lightning, incorrect operation of electrical gird, water, sewage, and power supply systems;
⑨ damages of the goods as a result of their insufficient security during the goods transfer by buyer
⑩ Force Majeure (Provision 5 in Warranty)
Force Majeure
MET shall not be liable for non-fulfilment which is totally or partly due to circumstances beyond MET’s control. Thus, MET shall be exempted from liability in fulfilling any Agreement in the case of circumstances which prevent punctual or faultless delivery, if the circumstances are not due to MET’s commission or omission. Neither party shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, delay of lack of delivery arising from fire, strikes, lockouts, injunction or other labor troubles, governmental intervention including prohibition or extraordinary taxation upon import or export, war, riots, acts of terrorism, explosion, weather, flood, acts of God or nature, a shortage of fuel, power, raw materials, labor, containers or transportation, accident, breakage of machinery or other apparatus, disruption of normal supplier channels of distribution, or any other act or force beyond the affected party’s reasonable control (i.e., a force majeure). Finally, loss due to the fault or omission on the part of MET shall be compensated for by MET in accordance with the general rules of South Korean law.