“M.E.T” Service Introduction

Proposed Background and Expected Effects

M.E.T Maintenance Service

General electronic equipment repair service

  • – General Electronic Equipment Repair Service (Chipset Repair)
  • – Repair period : Approximately 5 days on average (regardless of item)

Emergency repair service

  • – In principle, repair shall be made on the same day
  • – Aim for minimal loss if the facility is not operational

Visiting service

  • – On-site response if the facility is not operational and cause is not identified and Removal of Defectives and Installation Service
  • – Identify the size of the facility status and component part list up

Maintenance services

  • – Proactive Service of Equipment Agoing and Operational Failure
  • – Service including Regular check-up, Facility Overhaul, Replacement

Substitution for puchasing service

  • – Support the purchase of same product if repair is impossible
  • – Support the purchase of altematives product for discontinued product
  • – Global Provision of Purchasing Agency Service through Domestic / foreign Procurement

Data analysis system provided

  • – Electonic equipment failure cycle management system establishment and provision
  • – Avoid massive lose through expected time of failure, pre-deliver
  • – Management and analysis data through QR code